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Mud Run Guide is the Obstacle Course Racing resource that holds the Mud Run Guide Best of OCR Awards each year. The process began with a nomination period in which OCR enthusiasts nominate their favorites in twenty-four unique categories. In 2016, Mud Run Guide awarded OCR Buddy the Runner-Up Best New OCR Product of 2016.

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Lehigh Valley Spartans

"Tired of bouncing from website to website? Are your spreadsheets and whiteboards difficult to keep updated? Are you looking to fill in your race calendar with events you do not know about?..."

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"OCR Buddy is a mobile application that primarily serves as a calendar at your fingertips for obstacle course races around the world. The app has several other functions aside from calendar-based scheduling, too. Since OCR Buddy ties a lot of different data..."


Medal Addict

"The mobile app OCR Buddy is a must-have for veteran and new OCR Enthusiast! The app is convenient, simple to use, and with..."

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Reader's Digest

"Every year, people make resolutions to get in shape and get healthy. But few follow through. Want to run a 5K or half marathon in 2017? Or cross a marathon off your bucket list?  Racer Russ Blatt started OCR Buddy as..."


Muddy Warrior Chick

"It’s race season, and if you are like me then you have begun scouring social media posts, checked a million team websites, and have attempted to search all the races in your area using an online search engine.  These tasks are already a pain..."

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New England Spahtens

"If you are reading this post, it’s likely you race. A lot. Keeping track of all these races can be a bit of work. Figuring out when you’re racing, where, and what weekends are free..."


  • OCR Buddy has been great in planning my schedules. It makes it easy to reference if I need to know my availability for something. This being my first full season I had no idea how to organize myself and OCR Buddy was the answer!
    Kelly Lynn Harder, New England Spahtens
  • It used to take hours to plan out my OCR races for the year. Now, with OCRBuddy, it takes only a few minutes. Quick and easy.
    Michael Land Co-founder San Antonio Obstacle Course Racers and Member of Team PowerUP
  • It's pretty simple, you want and need a place to find and locate races easily, there's only one way to do that.....OCR Buddy. If I have a weekend open up for a race, or want to know where my teammates or other athletes are.....OCR Buddy has me covered. It's the best bang for your buck in OCR.
    Lucas Pfannenstiel, Conquer the Gauntlet Pro Team #mohawkswinraces
  • As a racer and race director, OCR Buddy is the perfect compliment to my passion and my work. As a racer, I can find a race near me any weekend of the year in seconds rather than hours by searching online. As a race director, I can easily avoid schedule conflicts while planning my races with a quick search of available dates. My entire racing season was scheduled this year using OCR Buddy. A must have for any OCR enthusiast.
    Jason Goggins, Black Diamond Obstacle Course
  • OCR Buddy has taken my half-assed excel sheet and made planning races for me and my team so much easier. It's truly a great product and not sure how I would get through a season without it!
    Justin Scholl, Lehigh Valley Spartans
  • OCR Buddy is a must have for us Obstacle Course Racers. I promise it will make your life so much more easier.
    Muddy Warrior Chick,
  • I see OCR Buddy as a great organizational app for OCR racers.
    Mark Barroso,
  • I think this could be used as a viable tool for almost any OCR athlete and enthusiast.
    Lehigh Valley Spartans,
  • I really like how you have all the events listed in calendar format. It's like a one-stop-shop for OCR! The organizational tools (my events, my buddies) are also a great addition.
    Jamie Guined, CEO of FitGeek Events and Muddy Mortal
  • OCR Buddy just received an award from the 2016 Best of OCR: Runner Up in the category of 2016 Best New Product. The award is well-deserved. For $1.99, why haven't you downloaded OCR Buddy yet?
    Nicole Sibley, New England Spahtens, Twitter - @fillmewmeaning
  • The mobile app OCR Buddy is a must-have for veteran and new OCR Enthusiast! The app is convenient, simple to use, and with a swipe of a finger, you can select your events with ease.
  • OCR Buddy is the best app to use to organize your races - even straight road races!
    Debbie Finnigan, New England Spahtens
  • OCR buddy made planning out my small teams OCR Year a lot easier. All the potential races at our fingertips for less than a standard booking fee.
    Ian Kay, Mudchester Mudslingers and OCR UK Solomudders
  • Awesome app. A must for all runners!
    Denis Kevin McWhorter, Crazy Mudder Muckers
  • Wherever you are in your travels, OCR Buddy will be there to help you find a race. Whenever, whereever as long as you have your phone.
    Theresa Ann Bonnell, Muddy Mess & FL Races
  • OCR Buddy has been able to put all the races and information into an easy and functional app! How has my team lived without it for so long?
    K-Dub (Krissie Dub), IronAnt Fitness
  • It used to take hours/days to fully plan a race season, and this year with OCR Buddy I was able to do it in about 30 minutes, and not have to keep track of where I wrote it down.
    Tim Wiseman, ‪Crazy Mudder Muckers
  • OCR buddy will bring the end to the muddy confusion and organize your OCR’S so your never double book again or miss the OCR you wanted to do.
    UK OCR Solomudders
  • I've got a complaint about your OCR Buddy App. its costing me an absolute fortune; Since I joined it, I am booking races i never even knew existed and I'm supposed to be getting married next year! At this rate, our guests will have no food!
    Becky McGuire, UK.OCR (Obstacle Course Racers)
  • So I just downloaded the OCR Buddy...excellent! Can't recommend it enough!
    Dan Crocker, UK.OCR (Obstacle Course Racers)