May 18, 2024
MEDIEVAL XTREM RACE La Vila Joiosa (Alicante)
Medieval Xtrem Race
Event Type
9.0 km (5.6 mi), 5.0 km (3.1 mi), 14.0 km (8.7 mi), 0.2 km (0.1 mi)
Medieval Xtrem Race
Medieval Xtrem Race is a Medieval-themed obstacle course that is designed for all audiences. Since we carried out the first edition, our ... Tap to Show More
Event Description
Medieval Xtrem Race is an obstacle course with a Medieval theme where you will have fun and you will be able to challenge yourself, as a ... Tap to Show More
Villajoyosa, Valencian Community, Spain
Solo or Teams of 2 or 3, ocr world championships qualifier, OCRA Espana, OCRA Espana National League, OCR Series OCRA Espana, elite wave, Age Group Wave, family wave, Couples wave, Team wave