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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is OCR Buddy?

OCR Buddy is a mobile phone calendar application designed to make the process of planning and maintaining your racing calendar quicker, easier and better organized. OCR Buddy was designed by OCR enthusiasts for OCR enthusiasts, from newbies to the pros!

What platforms currently run OCR Buddy?

OCR Buddy currently runs on iOS and Android mobile phones. OCR Buddy can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. Simply enter “OCR Buddy” in the search bar.

Welcome Screen FAQ


Once I download OCR Buddy, how do I get started?

Before you get started, get to know OCR Buddy and all of its various screens. There are seven (7) main screens. Find an Event, Find a Team, My profile, My Events, My Buddies, Notifications and Settings are the current screens to help you with all of your obstacle course racing needs. All you need to do is simply tap on the screen that you wish to navigate to.

What are the pentagons at the bottom of the screen and what do the different colors mean?

The pentagons indicate the strength of your Internet connection. If the pentagons are orange, you have a solid Internet connection. If the pentagons are white or white/orange, your connection is weak or you are not connected at all.

Find an Event FAQ


What is the Find an Event screen for?

The Find an Event screen will be your guide through the OCR Buddy database. The Find an Event section of OCR Buddy is the backbone of OCR Buddy and will help you find every event that you are looking for.

Why are there arrows next to the OCR Buddy logo?

Unless you are on the Welcome screen, there will always be an arrow next to the OCR Buddy logo at the top left corner. Each arrow indicates how many levels you are removed from the Welcome Screen. When you click on the logo, you go back one screen. Since you see one arrow above, you would navigate back to the Welcome screen from this point by pressing the OCR Buddy logo.

What are the indicators at the top right corner of the Welcome screen?

These are the Calendar and List toggles. These screens are interchangeable depending on how you want to view the OCR Buddy database.

What is all of that on the Calendar screen?

The calendar screen has a lot of information within it.

  • The date highlighted in orange = the date you are viewing.
  • A star = an event on that date.
  • An orange star = you are participating in an event.
  • A heart = a buddy is participating.

What is the row of dots below the calendar on the Calendar page?

Beneath the calendar is a row of dots (along with stars and hearts).

  • The row = the number of events in the OCR Buddy database for that date.
  • An orange star = you are participating in an event.
  • A heart = a buddy is participating.
  • A white dot/star/heart = the event you have highlighted.

How do I change months in the Calendar page and the List page?

Press the arrows on either side of the month and year on the top of the Calendar and List pages to change months. In the Calendar page, you can also swipe to the left and right to change months.

What do the “+Event” and “Filters” buttons do?

Those are the buttons to help get you to our Add an Event screen and our Filters screen. There will be more about those pages later in the FAQ.

Event FAQ

How do I select my status?

As you can see above, you have the option to indicate if you are participating in the event “check mark”, are interested in the event “question mark” or are not interested in the event at all “X”. When you click participating, this event will show up on your profile and to your buddies as “Participating”.

How do I edit an event if I see something wrong?

Press the “Edit” button, correct the information and then press “Done” when you are finished. The information will be sent to a moderator for approval. Once it is approved, you have corrected an error.


How do I use the “Notes” area?

The Notes section is there for you. Press the “Edit” button and put anything you wish on your page. This information will remain private and is just for you. Enter hotel or travel information, places that you stayed or any other information you want to save. You will always have this information on the specific Event screen. Ignore the “Mod” button shown as this is for Moderators only.

Add an Event FAQ


How do I add an event to OCR Buddy?

After you press the “+Event” button, you will be brought to the screen you see above. From here, enter all of the requested data for the event you are adding. Any user can add an event to the OCR Buddy database and you are encouraged to enter as many events as you are aware of. This is a great way to introduce the OCR Community to events in your backyard.

The Race Brand is the name of the company running the event. For example, “Tough Mudder”

Event name is the name of the event. “Tri-State Tough Mudder”

For the date, either enter the date manually or first find the date on the OCR Buddy calendar and see if the event is part of the database already.

Enter the country name from our pre-set list of countries and each country will have regions and states corresponding with your choice. For countries outside of the United States, regions and states are localized regions within those listed countries.

City is self-explanatory.

URL is the webpage for the specific event. Using the event above, do not enter “www.toughmudder.com” as that is the general website for Tough Mudder. You would copy the event page for the Tri-State Tough Mudder into the URL field. Paste by holding your finger down within the field for two seconds for the paste button to appear.

Race length is the posted length of the event. You can use your discretion for event lengths.

Not shown is “Will I get swag?” and “Will I get dirty?” These are yes or no entries. Swag can be defined as medals, shirts, towels, headbands or anything else given away for participating in the event. Dirt is…dirt.

Hit the Submit button to send the event to an OCR Buddy moderator for approval. Once it is approved, you will get a notification that your submitted event is approved.

Filter FAQ

How do I use the Filter screen?

The filter screen is very simple. There are nine filters that you can use to decrease the number of events that you can see.

For any button that says “no”, if you press the button, it will toggle between “no” and “yes”. For the buttons that say “change”, when you press the button, you will see a list to choose from. You can filter by the Race Brand (ie. “Spartan Race” or “Dirty Girl”), by geography, by the length of the race, whether you will get dirty or not and if there will be swag.

You can set no filters to see all of the OCR Buddy events in the database or use the filters to be as specific as possible.

Find a Team FAQ

How do I become a member of a team on OCR Buddy?

There are team/group/community names already listed in OCR Buddy. These are some of the major teams in the OCR community. However, you should only be looking to join a team if you actually race with the team. So, please respect this piece of OCR Buddy.

To join a team, scroll through the list of teams or start typing the team name in the Search for Teams line. When you see your team name (ie. New England Spahtens), press the name and you will be brought to your team page that will show all of the OCR Buddy users that are existing members of that team and at the bottom you will see “Join Team”. Press the button and you are a member of the team.

What do I do if my team name is not on the list?

Simply type your team name in full and as you type it, you will see a prompt asking you to create your team name. Once you press “Create”, your team name is now part of OCR Buddy.

Is there a limit on the number of teams I can join?

No. However, you should only join the teams that are actually part of and run with. Please respect other teams and their members.

Profile FAQ

What can people see on my profile?

People will see whatever information you wish to share. No more and no less. As you can see from Russ’ profile, you can share everything from your photo, your social media pages to the teams you have joined. Once you press “Edit My Profile”, it is easy to set up a profile and most can be online within seconds. You provide the information and you decide what should be seen.

How do I rate my experience?

That is up to you. You decide how experienced you are. You will be able to choose from Newbie to Elite.

My Events FAQ

How do the events get onto the My Events Page?

The events on the My Events page are the events that you have indicated that you are participating in. They automatically show up on your event list.

How do I enter time and length?

For every event that you are participating in, at the bottom right corner of the screen is a button that says “Enter Results” after the race has passed. Press that and follow the direction to enter your time for the events and length of the event. You can enter either or both.

How do I see my Upcoming Events?

The top right of the My Event screen will allow you to toggle back and forth between Past and Upcoming events.

My Buddies FAQ

How do I add buddies to OCR Buddy?

When you press My Buddies on the Welcome Screen, you will be brought to a list of your buddies. At the bottom of the screen is the “Find New Buddies” button. After you press that button, you will see a new page with “Search by name or exact email”.

Type in your future buddies name or email address. After three letters, any name or email that matches the three letters will appear. Type more to further narrow your search and press their name to send a Buddy Request to that person.

Their name will appear on your screen with a white heart with a question mark inside until that person approves your request. Once the buddy approves your request, their heart will turn orange. You will receive a notification when a Buddy Request has been approved.

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