OCR Buddy

OCR Buddy is the world’s first mobile calendar and database application for Android and iPhones. OCR Buddy eliminates the need to jump from website-to-website, event-to-event and keep track of a race schedule on a spreadsheet, whiteboard or scrap paper. OCR Buddy does all of this for you.

Since its release on November 1, 2016, OCR Buddy has been changing the way that obstacle course racers plan, prepare, create and update their race schedules. While OCR Buddy is a tool that will help you keep track of your schedule, it is also a tool that will help save you time, eliminate frustrations and will keep you organized.

OCR Buddy is constantly growing and evolving. Through OCR Buddy, you can find your teammates/Buddies and see their schedules to help plan for future events. OCR Buddy has an extensive list of filters so you can see every event listed, or get as specific as possible. OCR Buddy began in five countries and has expanded to well over a dozen, with future expansions planned. The more that obstacle course racing grows, you can believe OCR Buddy will expand as well.

OCR Buddy’s database is fluid. It is constantly updating with the help of its Buddies. One feature of OCR Buddy is that anyone can add events. If there is an event near your house that you want people to know it is happening, add it to the OCR Buddy database. We cannot find every event out there and the Buddies help fill the gaps beautifully.

There are many more features to OCR Buddy and we are constantly updating based upon the suggestions and comments from our Buddies. Many of our past changes happen because of Buddies suggestions as we believe that they know what they want in the product and we try to provide it the best way possible.

OCR Buddy also believes in giving back to our community. OCR Buddy donates 20% of all proceeds from app sales to charities that assist the fight against cancer and that help our veterans/first responders. We believe that giving back is part of the OCR Community’s foundation and we are proud to continue this trend.

If you have questions about OCR Buddy, please click the Contact tab above and ask your question, give us your suggestion and add your comment. Look around the website and find us on Facebook. OCR Buddy is a growing app. It is always changing and updating and we are excited every time something new happens and it can only mean we are providing a better product for our Buddies.

OCR Buddy is available for download at the App Store and Google Play. We invite you to become a Buddy and we remind you to continue to be epic and keep playing in the mud!


Blindhack is the software development company behind OCR Buddy. Following Russ Blatt's unique vision, they brought OCR Buddy into existence. With the all encompassing energy of OCR Buddy's founder as well as the rapidly growing community of racers supporting OCR Buddy all over the world, Blindhack continues to work to improve and expand OCR Buddy.

Find out more about Blindhack on their website.