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A 36-year-old former New Yorker who has traded the bustling streets of NYC for the sunny shores of St. Petersburg, Florida. Her past life as a nightlife professional has given way to a new passion: building and nurturing a vibrant community in the wellness space. She also might be part Mermaid. OCR Buddy Ambassador Mariel
“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller It all started with a tragedy and that tragedy transformed into a passion for bringing the OCR community together and bring OCR to underserved populations. Personally, I feel like both are a force and an inspiration. They truly care about
“You can’t kill us, we are already dead.”– The Deadboys Manifesto The Founders: Colby Lopez and Josh Gallegos Flashback to January 2019. I felt stagnant, despite constant running. My fitness and mental strength were suffering. I knew I thrived on CrossFit-style workouts but wasn’t keen on returning to a CrossFit gym. I had a local

Murder Creek Mud Run Review

Thanks to my day job, I was outside my normal Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) bubble recently and free the morning of Murder Creek Mud Run.  I took a quick trip into Alabama to see what the race, run by Phoenix OCR, was all about.  Here’s a quick assessment and if you should make the trip:
You may have seen MANSCAPED products advertised on some of your favorite podcast platforms or on advertisement placement at major sporting events like the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).  I decided to check out their Platinum Package body grooming kit to see if the advertisement lives up to the hype and if it is worth it

10 Questions with Susanna Burger

Susanna Burger started her OCR journey in 2013 and can’t picture her life without the community. She shares the story about running for her dad, being an OCR Buddy Ambassador and more in this edition of 10 Questions. Social media? FB – susannaburger / IG – sgburger & subuocr / TikTok – susybee007 1. Tell
What do you do with all your finish medals? Did you know that your medals could find a second life and make a someone’s day who is going through an illness or other challenge? Let me introduce you to We Finish Together. I found out about them a few years ago when I was doing
If you’ve lived in Missouri, you may have heard of Hazelwood Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) events by now.  They typically do 2x events a year, each with a fun theme often changing the names.  The early Spring (sometimes held in Winter) one this year was called “The Mosh”.  A metal themed race that is part
Is OCR dying?We used the numbers in OCR Buddy to produce this report to give us a snap-shot of the health of OCR. We will let the numbers speak for themselves.  Editors Note: If you cant read the document, use the download feature at the bottom of the PDF that is embedded.   

10 Questions with Brit Joniec

For OCR Buddy Ambassador Brit Joniec it is all about the community. Learn about how she is coming back from an accident that took her drive and motivation in this edition of “Ten Questions” Name: Brit Joniec Social Media: 1. Tell us about yourself Born and raised in Philly. I’ve been playing sports since
OCR Buddy Ambassador Brittany Hastings is tackling a new challenge in 2024 as she is expecting a baby but still plans on being a part of the OCR community from the sidelines. Name: Brittany Hastings 1. Tell us about yourself I love OCRs, going to the gym, escape rooms, and doing puzzles. I got married

What can Spartan do?

Loaded question we know. We posed the question to you that if you had been in charge in Spartan what would you change and the answers we got. A LOT So we present your answers. Without context and with minimal editing. Kevin JonesQuit catering to elites and get back to the original mantra of getting
We are so proud of our ambassadors and personally Greg Champion has stepped up to help so much with OCR Buddy and our social media. Our footprint wouldn’t be the same without him. Its our pleasure to give you the chance to meet this amazing force in the next 10 Questions. Name Greg Champion You
I had the opportunity to travel to the largest prize purse event in Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) history, Tough Mudder Infinity in Saudi Arabia.  I’ll be releasing an article on The OCR Report ( covering the nuances of the experiences as well as a podcast on Strength & Speed OCR (Strength & Speed (  If
Where are the most OCR events by city? Which cities lack OCR? It is a question that was raised behind the scenes of OCR Buddy and we wanted to share with you the outcome of our reporting from the OCR Buddy event system. We took the top 50 cities by population and searched for events

10 Questions with Bonnie Wilson

OCR Buddy has had two paths, before I met Bonnie Wilson and after I met her.  Technically, we knew “of” each other but never really had a relationship.  Pre-Bonnie OCR Buddy was an app, whose goal was to provide the best possible calendar and database to its audience.  I met Bonnie WIlson and the path

Where do we go from here?

I am not sure how to feel at the moment.  Angry. Upset. Disbelief.  I just do not know how to feel. Rugged Maniac, a race that has been around for over a decade and had 25 events scheduled in 2024 abruptly canceled all events. This is an event that I, and many people, have enjoyed

10 Questions with Holden Walsh

OCR Buddy Ambassador Holden Walsh has logged over 100 races since he made the transition from bodybuilding. And after 100 races, he still loves being able to inspire the community. He shares why in this edition of 10 Questions. 1. Tell us about yourself I’ve done over 100 OCRs across all brands. Prior to that,
At OCR Buddy, we are honored enough to have some of the best and brightest of the OCR and Ninja communities as part of our ambassador team. You may not have heard their names, but you have probably seen them in the community, out on the course or online, inspiring their friends and family in
Dear OCR Buddy Community; Call it a love letter because some of these letters are. Call it a Dear John letter. Call it a plea from a frustrated community. But that community is speaking volumes and they are not feeling heard. We asked the OCR Buddy Community to pen their letter to Spartan after the
In this edition of 10 Questions we sit down with the OCR Coast Rica President Rodolfo Vilalobos and learn about the OCR scene in Costa Rica and how they became the host of the world championships. 1. Please start by telling us your name and your title position with OCR Industrial Engineer Rodolfo Villalobos Presidente
I recently received the ORORO Heated Vest and I am extremely impressed with its performance. The vest not only provides much needed warmth during cold weather, but also does so without feeling bulky or restrictive. The heating elements are distributed in key areas, keeping me warm and comfortable without any hot spots. The battery life
The 2023 OCR Buddy Community Choice award winner War-X has quickly devloped a cult following in the mid-west of passionate OCR racers. We sat down with Jake Moore to find out more about what War-X is and the vision he has for the future. 1.  Please introduce yourself and how you are involved in obstacle
I don’t drink that many flavored beverages besides coffee, so when I see a coffee based product that includes additional benefits like protein, I’m immediately interested.  With that in mind, I picked up Naked Nutrition’s Protein Coffee to give it a taste test to see if this is something I want to drink instead of

10 Questions with Claire Bowman

She is the FINA World Champion. She won “Best Ninja Athlete” and was the runner up for Best Female Athlete. But a common thread we heard is “We don’t know Claire Bowman.” We sought to fix it. In this edition of 10 questions, we introduce you to this up-and-coming Ninja athlete as she talks about
In 2023, Canada’s own XMan race was sold. Today, we sit down with the new owner of XMan Race in this interview that discusses the future of XMan, the reason she came to the sport, and what she sees for the future. My name is Sara, born and raised in Portugal for 28 years, but
You nominated You voted And the winners are here. Congratulations to all.
Spartan CEO Joe De Sena asked OCR Buddy to ask the community to gather their questions about Spartan Race and the status of the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. And he is answering. This is the third set of answers. They have only been edited for some grammar and punctuation or there has been context added by OCR
With 2023’s World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) coming to an end, the inevitable question is how does this one compare to other World’s Toughest Mudder events.  As someone who has done every event starting in Las Vegas in 2014, here’s my thoughts broken down by topic:    Terrain:  Honestly at this point, the courses are starting
Many are buzzing about the inclusion of flag football in the Olympics, even over obstacle course racing. Let’s take a closer look. In 2028, the Olympic roster will welcome five new sports: baseball/softball, cricket, flag football, lacrosse, and squash. Modern pentathlon and weightlifting will remain as Olympic sports. This selection aligns with IOC President Thomas
Let’s clarify the situation: Obstacle course racing isn’t an independent sport in the 2028 Olympics. It has been officially incorporated into Modern Pentathlon, a confirmed Olympic sport. While OCR isn’t an Olympic sport by itself, it’s a positive step forward. It guarantees global exposure to OCR, regardless of whether it’s a 25-second sprint, a 3

Race Review: Muddy Water OCR

I’ve been traveling around the Midwest more than usual this year looking for hidden Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) gems.  Whether it be amazing obstacles, great atmosphere or just a fun course that stands out among the 150+ events I’ve done.  Well, I think I stumbled upon one last weekend and here’s why… Venue & Terrain: 
Spartan CEO Joe De Sena asked OCR Buddy to ask the community to gather their questions about Spartan Race and the status of the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. And he is answering. These are the second 20 answers. They have only been edited for some grammar and punctuation or there has been context added
There’s an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) 20 minutes from my house that I haven’t been to over the last 2.5 years I’ve lived in the area until this weekend.  The event typically falls on a major race weekend like Obstacle Course Racing World Championships (OCRWC) but luckily this year, OCRWC is later than normal.  After
Spartan CEO Joe De Sena asked OCR Buddy to ask the community to gather their questions about Spartan Race and the status of the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. And he is answering. These are the first 20 answers. They have only been edited for some grammar and punctuation or there has been context added
EDITORS NOTE September 2023: It has come to our attention that OCR Buddy made comments that may of reflected that The Original FIT Factory did not to their due diligence before investing in Cool Events. This was not our intent and we apologize for any misunderstandings. After publishing our article about the current situation with
After publishing our article about the current situation with Cool Events; OCR Buddy founder; Russ Blatt continued to reach out to executives with The Original Fit Factory, the new parent company of Cool Events and has been able to connect to Kasey O’Leary, the Chief Marketing Officer for The Original Fit Factory. We were able
After a couple of years of shooting, producing and editing, my documentary is finally available for release.  Professional filmmaker Bobby Ross followed me around periodically for a couple of years to get all the footage required.  The 24 minute documentary is now available for digital download or streaming here. The movie covers a couple two

Race Review: The Siege

I took a trip out to Garden City, Kansas for the second year in a row to run The Siege Obstacle Course Race (OCR) put on by Core Fitness.  A couple things had changed even though the event was at the same venue.  Here’s how it went and if The Siege is getting better by
The question felt pretty simple. What is the one thing you wish OCR would change? We asked this in the OCR Buddy Community Group and honestly, I had been amazed at the answers. They shared the passion and enthusiasm this community has for a sport that is changing We are sharing your answers in the
Right after the “Spartan Mona Lisa” incident, Joe DeSena went on social media and explained what happened.  I commented on his post and after that time, Joe and I were emailing back and forth about ideas that OCR Buddy sent to him in the past. In our discussions, Joe challenged me to gather 100 questions
Feed from our friends at The OCR Report came together with Inside OCR, OCWC and OCR Buddy to sit down with Joe DeSena to talk about the firestorm caused by Joe DeSena’s recent social media posts and the future of the sport. They discussed the marketing decisions that lead to the AI posting and
There’s been a race within a couple hours of my house that I’ve had a conflict with since 2016.  Wichita Gladiator Dash is Wichita’s longest running Obstacle Course Race (OCR).  They’ve been putting on events since 2012 and it finally fit into my schedule so I went down there to check it out.  Check In/Location: 

Rugged Maniac OKC Race Review

The biggest party race in the country is still going nationwide.  Rugged Maniac has been around since the beginning of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) holding events all across the US.  I headed south to Oklahoma City to check on the brand and see if they are still delivering the same high quality party atmosphere and
Update: We have since met with The Orginal Fit Factory the parent company of Cool Events. You can read the updates here: Update One: Cool Events Parent Company Addresses Issues. Update Two: Editors Note: Due to the size of the screenshots that correspond to the research in the article, all screenshots are at the
Charity Fick, a beloved member of the OCR community in the Pacific NW and Canada, recently passed away at the age of 42. Known for her infectious smile, supportive nature, and desire to see everyone shine, Charity inspired and motivated all who met her. I talked to several of her friends in the community. The
Tough Mudder kicked off their endurance event series in the US last weekend with Infinity in Philadelphia.  This was my 2nd Infinity event and more than 50th Tough Mudder event.  Here’s a rundown of how it went and where Tough Mudder Headquarters (TMHQ) fell short of their normal high standard: Parking:  Parking was offsite, which

Race Review: T.H.O.R.

I took a trip down to Wichita Falls, Texas to check out Texoma’s Hellish Obstacle Run (T.H.O.R.) this past weekend.  Here’s how it went and if you should make the trip to northern Texas to run their course.  Parking & Check In: Check-in was smooth and easy with parking available right next to the festival. 
In Part 1 we asked ChatGPT about advice for training for OCR. In Part 2 we asked ChatGPT about a training plan for 3 months of OCR. We advise you to to take this with a grain of salt. We published this because we are interested in how ChatGPT can interface with our community. Yes,
ChatGPT. Even Joe DeSena is talking about it as a tool to train. Our question is, what can it give you? In part 1 we asked it to give us a blog post with tips for training. In part 2, which is coming soon we asked it for a specific training plan. We leave it