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I’m not sure how everyone looks at Obstacle Course Racing in its entirety.  I know how I do. I love the sport.  I love it because it pushes me, it challenges me and it’s brings me to the point where I do not believe I can overcome my own mind.  When I do succeed, the feeling is fantastic.  I
You know all of the top names.  Amelia, Rose, Faye and Lindsay have been on top of the OCR world for years.  Have you heard the name Alex?  Maybe Alexandra?  Unless you pay attention to the events in the southern part of the United States, you probably have not heard the name Alexandra Walker.  She
On May 17, OCR Buddy will pass 2,000 Buddies. When OCR Buddy was first developed, it was announced that for every 1,000 downloads, OCR Buddy would donate $200 to a charity that assists in the fight against cancer and $200 to a charity that assists our veterans and first responders. Tonight, we announce the charities

Keeping Up with the Jones(es)

In May of 2015, Mud and Adventure posted its 50 Most Influential People in Obstacle Racing 2015. In the middle of the list were Kevin Jones and Paul Jones (unrelated). Kevin Jones is the founder of the Crazy Mudder Muckers, an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) community originating in the Midwest region of the United States.
If you have nothing to do on Saturday morning and you are up in New England or heading there, consider heading up to the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts and attempt to take on Runzilla. Runzilla is a showcase of fitness, featuring three athletic events all in one day.  There is a traditional 5k (The

Welcome to the OCR Buddy Blog

By Russ “Ginger” Blatt Welcome to OCR Buddy’s blog on our brand new and updated website.  OCR Buddy has been a vision since before the 2015 race season.  We are very proud to bring it to you. This website, as it is set up today, is only the beginning of your online experience with OCR Buddy. 
By Russ “Ginger” Blatt I love Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). I start races and I finish them. While my friends are placing on podiums and qualifying for the OCRWC (Obstacle Course Racing World Championships), I am just glad to finish. I cannot complete some obstacles and I do the required penalties. It is not uncommon for