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Gym Spotlight: Motus Ninjas

  I have a (fairly unimpressive) background in triathlon.  However, the best thing I took out of that sport was if you want to become a faster triathlete, you swim with swimmers, bike with cyclists and run with runners.  Training with those who are ultra-specialized will pull you to a higher level in each so
  If you’ve been reading my articles, it is no secret that I absolutely love HYLETE’s products.  They are high quality, stylish, and often have an athletic cut making them great to show off all the hard work you’ve been doing.  With everything from them being a five star review, I decided to pick up
How many of us can say this? “I have too many medals” About a year and a half ago I said that. I had medals stashed everywhere. I had some medals hanging up from races that have a special place in my heart, but I had medals boxed up and stashed that needed a home.
OCR Buddy posed this question to the community on the Facebook page and the community responded loudly. In some ways, you can call this an open letter to the OCR Racing Community from the athletes themselves. These are the changes we want to see in order to see our sport continue to grow and thrive.

Looking Back at the Year that Was

When I decided to go ahead with the OCR Community Choice Awards, I made the final decision in a very big year for OCR Buddy. The year started in a pandemic that seemed to be turning a corner. The first few months of the year were littered with cancellations and postponements; it seemed that the
You nominated. You voted. And your voice was heard. The winners of the 2021 OCR Community Choice Awards. Graphic Credit to Charles MacDonald To see the stats behind the numbers check out: Behind the Numbers              
The first year of the OCR Community Choice awards brought over 1,300 votes. In order to provide transparency, we wanted to share with you the results of the voting and the nomination process. Results: (Opens on Google Docs) 2021 OCR Community choice   The Nominations:
Thank you for your interest in the OCR Community Choice Awards.  I appreciate you taking the time to vote on your favorites and “Best of” 2021. I wanted to provide everyone with some information to make the best choice possible.  Some categories may seem obvious to you, but others you may want to research a
OCR Buddy has teamed up with the leaders in the OCR Community including: to celebrate the year that was in OCR. After a rough 2020 for the industry, it is time to sit back and celebrate the re-birth of a sport that we love. Voting will open on December 9th, 2021, and close on December

Which Playout Game is Right for Me?

Playout is the card/fitness games started by an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) athlete to get you, your family, friends and kids moving.  With five different options when you go to the website you may be wondering, which one is the best for me?  Here’s a quick comparison of their decks along with some of my

Rugged Goes X-treme: Rugged Maniac X

When I hear the words “multi-lap” my ears perk up immediately.  After all, I’ve built my racing career around endurance running and multi-lap races (reference my book Ultra-OCR Man).  Despite running Rugged Maniac since 2015, I’ve never done their multi-lap version until now.  Here’s what you need to know if you are getting ready for
OCR Buddy has teamed up with the leaders in the OCR Community including: to celebrate the year that was in OCR. After a rough 2020 for the industry, it is time to sit back and celebrate the re-birth of a sport that we love. Nominations are open now through Monday, December 6th, 2021. Voting will
In 2020 the first Rim to River 100 was held; as soon as I heard about this race, I told myself I must do this race. When it was announced, I knew there was no way I could attend the first race as I had other obligations planned for that day. I did know I
“They are not real races.” “You are paying for a medal.”  “You are not a finisher.” We have all heard the debates about virtual races. And most of these arguments I used to co-sign on all the time.  That was until I became an assistant director to a small local non-profit race and COVID hit.
Obstacle racing is, in fact, divisive before we ever get on the racecourse. Open vs. Age Group vs. Elite/Pro Brand vs. Brand.  One race or the other.  Which team should I join on Facebook? Over the past 18 months, I have changed OCR Buddy to a community (see:The Evolution of OCR Buddy ).  I had this vision very
 (overview of speakers) OCR Buddy Founder Russ Blatt was invited to speak at the National Obstacle Sports Conference hosted by OCR Romania. At this conference, he shared the history of OCR Buddy and the growth the app has experienced. (Russ’ presentation) Text of his presentation is below.   Esteemed Guests, Members of the European

How does a Golf Shot Relate to OCR?

Let’s start with an understanding that I am in no way a good golfer. I enjoy it, play it, sometimes I have a little success in it, but I am not who you want advice from with golf. A few years back, my brother, my buddy, and I decided to meet up and play golf.
OCR Buddy is an app. OCR Buddy lists events from around the world and puts them in the palm of your hand. It is the easiest way for you to plan and schedule your races for the season. You have heard the sales pitch. Then, how did an app on your phone grow in popularity

Running Long Distance is Stupid

These are the words that I have said to myself and others probably a million times. There is not much that I hate more than running distance runs. I grew up an athlete, playing 4 sports through high school before being blessed to play 4 years of college baseball. We ran distances throughout my career,

Spartan & Scheduling in 2022

Over the past few years, Spartan has gotten a ton of grief over the scheduling practices and re-scheduling practices. There have been numerous times that dates or locations have been changed so that a Spartan Race was near a competitor. A prime example of this is the schedule conflict between the OCR World Championships and